Habmin not starting

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1.8 and trying to install Habmin. When I go to open it I get:

ProxyServlet: /habmin/index.html

I searched but the only thing I could find is a Google Groups post about the index file missing. I checked and mine is in /ect/openhab/webapps/habmin. The two jar files are in the addons folder.

I did the automated install.

Any ideas? @chris

I’m not Chris, but maybe you would also accept some hints from me :imp:

If you did an automated install, I assume you mean an apt-get install of openhab.

If you did an apt-get install of openhab, there is no folder /ect/openhab/webapps

Take a look here for the correct folders:

Continuing the discussion from OpenHab 1.8 and Habmin:

And another hint: don’t try to yell at specific people, you might get no answer if these people have no time for you :sunglasses:

Thanks @sihui.

Also make sure that both the ZWave and HABmin JARs are the right length if you downloaded them from Github - sometimes they don’t download correctly and you end up with a file that is only 30k or so.

You can also check the log to see if the JARs are being loaded correctly…

I tagged Chris since he was the maintainer but I welcome any and all input!

The problem is solved. I downloaded the zip into /etc/openhab instead of /usr/openhab. I’m new to this and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to have OpenHab files in those two locations or I messed things up when I was installing OH2 and then OH1 (although I reformatted and started with a fresh SD moving to Raspian Jessie) but it’s in the right location now.

Thanks @sihui for the link to the other thread that was the piece to the puzzle!