Habmin sitemap: not triggering events

Did a new install of OH2 but can’t get the KNX binding to work.
I can get it to connect to the KNX gateway without a problem and I receive the messages when something appens on the KNX network.
But when I push a slider in HABmin to turn a ligth on or off nothing happens at all.
Nothing in events.log or openhab.log

If I send a mqtt message that has a rule in OH2 the light turns on, but I cant get the sitemap items to work.
What am I doing wrong?

Well, without providing any configuration data…?

Is eems like its HABmin that does not work, I can control with HABpanel

Normally, you should post your configs to be checked. Relevant config data in this case: knx.cfg, *.items & *.sitemap

It does seem that HABmin has an issue with sitemaps (so I changed your thread title):

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