HABmin status?

Is there any info on the actual status of HABmin?

I’ve been struggling trying to move form domoticz to openhab2. And HABmin looked OK at first. But there’s a litany of problems I’ve had with it. And I’m struggling to understand what’s happening.

I’m running openhab 2.1.0 release. With HABmin plugin.

Issues I’m having ar

  1. Rules generated with blocky are full of errors and just don’t work
  2. Persistence entries just aren’t shown. It knows I do persistence with rrd4j but that’s where it ends
  3. Graphs are buggy. Sometime they won’t display until I try to edit what’s on them and just hit OK then they appear
  4. Scheduler. What’s that for? OK, I know what it looks like it’s for. But I can’t add anything. Can’t delete anything. Can’t do anything except look at some default entries for today, which is always the same but only ever shows anything for ‘today’ even though I can view a whole week (The except being I can drag stuff from today into tomorrow or next week, but it’s not like it does anything, so I don’t know)
  5. I can’t seem to add items from the ‘things’ configuration… I can view the channels and attempt to add an item but nothing is ever created
  6. There’s not enough info shown on the channels to differentiate them when there are multiple channels that are almost the same (e.g. channels for Power vs Energy are identical. As are switch son multi-switch devices like the FIbaro dual switch)

Probably enough… Is it still a work in progress? Abandoned (I ask because I haven’t really found any recent info or docs for it)

HABmin is developed by the same person who is developing the Zwave binding, Zigbee binding, and he has his hands in a ton of other bindings and core OH stuff as well. I think HABmin has been placed on the back burner for the time being while some major features are added to the Zwave binding and the Zigbee binding is being developed.

Personally, I only use HABmin to update configuration parameters on Zwave devices as it works much better for that than PaperUI.

I don’t think it is dead, but it is not complete and it will be awhile before chris can get back to it.

Ah, OK. Busy lad.

I had originally assumed that because openhab release version installed it, it was a release version add-on as well. And was scratching my head to try & work out what I was doing wrong all the time…

Good to know it’s real status. Thanks.