Habmin Updates

What’s the lowdown with Habmin? Looks a million times slicker than Paper UI but doesn’t seem to be going anywhere

HABmin hasn’t been updated significantly in many years and is essentially deprecated. PaperUI will be replaced in OH 3.

Sounds interesting. Is there any info on what OH3 will look like? Hopefully, better UX that OH2 :slight_smile: As a UX lead looking after a site with about 50 million uniques a year including some quite complex account management and transactional journeys, I find the UX on OH a bit bewildering. Obviously built by some very clever devs but that’s the problem, I think.

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There are some previews on the openhab twitter

Not sure if that is still viable or has allready changed alot.

Have any free time to become an openHAB contributor? :wink:


Absolutely. But bear in mind I’m not a coder or a designer. I’m a definite UXer. I’m getting the benefit of this and would definitely be happy to put some time in to help in any way I can.

Totally understand. I had a UX team back when I was working for a living. :smile:

@ysc is the developer of the new 3.0 admin UI. It’s really up to him if he’s interested in your involvement.

Well, I’d be more than happy to help. Even if @ysc just wants a bit of input on anything. Shame really, the organisation I work for has an account with UserZoom and we’re not doing any testing at the moment. I wonder if they’d mind if I used it for some extracurricular activity :smiley:

Sure, everyone is welcome to download OH3 from https://next.openhab.org/download/ and play with it - there’s still a great deal of work to do so it’s taking its time, but it’s actually quite useable now (I’ve been using it as my primary instance for a few weeks) and I’m hoping most will view the new UI as an improvement :wink:
Constructive feedback is always welcome - there are a few pinned issues in the webui repository on GitHub where you may leave your comments.