HABmin via myopenhab.org username & password fails

I am trying to use myopenhab.org for openhab 2 RC1.
myopenhab reports that my openhab is online and I can use the paper ui.

But when I try to use HABmin, the page starts to load and then a basic auth dialog pops up asking for username & password. I enter my myopenhab.org credentials (which seem to work for paper ui) but I just get the dialog back.
I have not setup any local users manually.

Any hints?

I can not get past this:

This isn’t your “fault”. The access of the Habmin UI through myopenhab.org doesn’t work for me either. And it’s not related to RC1, since I am using the #743 snapshot.

I’ve read anywhere around that Chris (the developer) has confirmed that this doesn’t work at the moment. But I’m not sure if he also said why and if this could change in the future (I’m not using habmin through myopenhab, so it’s not important for me).

Thanks for the info, for now I will login via Teamviewer when I need HABmin.