HABmin - where are the channel-assigns stored, how to backup?

Dear @chris,

after testing your great Z-Wave-binding with my devices i’ll start to do the channel-association with the latest HABmin Version.

I placed the items with OH1-Binding in a file called oh1.items and have a sitemap called oh1.sitemap.

Now my question is where are the OH2 things stored, which are created with HABmin :telescope:

Then i have a problem to save Item Type: Number, Category: Battery:
Error saving Item Batterie HTTP 404 not found


Everything that is edited through the PaperUI or HABmin is saved in the mapdb database - this is stored in the /userdata/mapdb folder…

Are you trying to edit the attributes of a thing or item that you have defined in an items file? If so, I don’t believe you can currently edit elements that are statically defined in the files, through the user interface…

Thanks for clarification - which database format is mapdb?

No, i have only OH1-Items in my text-files an no i try to handle all OH2-Items and things with HABmin. Btw - where is the best place for reporting HABmin-Bugs, her in the forum or as issue on Github?

The mapdb format :wink:. I think they use their own - it’s a database that’s optimised for storing lists etc in Java, so it’s not a relational database or anything fancy…

It depends… If you’re not sure it’s a bug, then discuss it here on the forum first is probably best. If you know it’s a bug, then definately the Github issues list…

Does this issue happen when you save any item, or just the one in this image (I’m wondering if the ‘-’ sign is allowed in the name - I might need to filter this if not).

No, only at battery items. One other User has the same problem: Continuing the discussion from Testing Z-Wave binding on openHAB-2:

Ok - I suspect it’s caused by the ‘-’ in the name. I’ll add a filter to remove this, but you can also try to remove it manually and see if that fixes it?

Changing battery-level to batterylevel fixed it :smile:

But i’m confused about the log entry:
18:13:15.458 [INFO ] [home.event.ItemChannelLinkAddedEvent] - Link 'zwave_devolo_mt02648_00_000_f1ab5187_node13_batterylevel-zwave:devolo_mt02648_00_000:f1ab5187:node13:battery-level' has been added.

The log is saying that the item is linked to the channel… Channels are what the binding knows about, where items are what the user knows about… They have different formats, but are derived from the same thing (or, to be precise, the item name is derived from the channel name).