Habmin1 on Openhab2 for z-wave administration?

I have seen some screenshots of habmin1 … the z-wave administration possibilities seems far greater in this older version comparing to the habmin included in Openhab2?

Is it possible to install habmin1 on openhab2 … and if so how could that be done?

Thanks in advance!


have a look here: Z-Wave Binding Initialisation

You can do the same with habmin 2, it’s just a bit different.

Thanks… but Im a little sceptic… can I really see the same amount of information? ie node status and so on …

Hmm, in what specific case?
I have used HABmin1 with openHAB1 and am now using HABmin2 with openHAB2 and can do all that stuff I could do before.
Don’t forget you have the option to switch to “Show advanced settings” which will give you more options … maybe those options your are probably missing.

I’m pretty sure that does not work … and there is no need to get it to work.

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Correct - it simply won’t work. The management interfaces in OH2 are completely different than OH1.

Okay thanks… I will check habmin2 further out… if you say everything is there I will beleve you :slight_smile:

From a ZWave perspective, it should be - there are other things that aren’t included in V2 like sitemap editing, but ZWave should have everything that’s in OH1.