HABMIN2 and graphic rule designer

I hope you can help me.
I installed the HABMIN2 via the Paper UI.
NowI try to use the HABMIN2 interface and the graphic rule designer. By going through different manuals I found some graphic rule elements which I do not have. E.g. the ‘if - do - elseif - do - …’

Is this a failure within my installation?

Additional, when I create a graphic rule and safe it, close the system and want to proceed with this rule next day, the graphic rule is escaped, only the code is available. Is this normal or also an failure?

And 3th question. I can’t choose my items in the designer. Under Configuration/Elements I see my items but not in the designer. Do I have to change some setting or something else?

As far as I remember, you can change from if by clicking at the * (or was it a right click? did not try habmin since half a year…)

Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for.

Ba the way, can you give me also a hint how to configure exact times. In the designer I found only a time pattern with a time before or after, but how to configure e.g. Montay till Friday at 7:00.


I have also the problem of the missing items in the rule designer and obviously this point of the above question was not answered/solved.

I can’t choose my devices in the rules. There is only the word “item” choosable but not the devices which I added before in “configuration” --> “thing configuration”.

What is wrong?

Thanks in advance