Habmin2 Jar File Location?

OK, I am a totally green beginner. I have openhab installed on a Raspberry PI. It seems to be functional. However, I am at a loss as to how to configure it. A couple of tutorial videos that I saw were using habmin. Looking on git hub, habmin2 is the version being recommended for new installs. My problem is that I do not see any jar files. I just see the source code and I do not know how to build this source code into a jar file.
I found several posts saying “get the jar here”, but those URLs just go 404.

Thanks for any help or pointers.

HABmin can be installed just like any other binding - ether through PaperUI, or through the configuration files that set which features you want to install. You don’t need to install it manually.

You should know that many tutorials out there (those who are on external pages, not the ones here on docs.openhab.org) are related to the old version OpenHAB 1. They are quite useless for OpenHAB 2.

Which version do you have installed? OH1 or OH2? You are talking about Habmin2, that could indicate that you have also installed OH2, but just to be sure…

If you plan to use OH2, I can absolutely recommend to use openHABian, the easy-as-1-2-3-installer for OH2 on a Raspberry. This tool can be found here in the forum and on docs.openhab.org. And you don’t have to get lost with jar files on OH2. You can do it all through an UI. Habmin is one of the available UI’s, another one is PaperUI. PaperUI is automatically installed, don’t know exactly about Habmin. But you can easily install Habmin using PaperUI.

For OH1, no such tool as openHABian exists and as OH1 isn’t on further development, I clearly suggest to start with OH2.

Thanks for the information. I was able to install habmin from the PaperUI. I was totally clueless that it was an option to install from there.
I am using the openHABian install on the PI. That install was very smooth.

With the PI install of HABmin, I used FireFox to access the GUI on the PI. After I clicked on “install”, I got a spinning circle. That circle kept spining for over 1/2 hour. I finally logged into the PI via ssh and rebooted it. After the reboot started, the FireFox window still showed the spinning circle. I had to kill the Firefox tab and restart it. So, I think FireFox may have froze. Anyway, if anyone else experiences this, restart the browser before thinking the PI is stuck.