Habmin2 on OH2?


Today I made the switch from OH 1 to OH2 for my production system.
Mainly I use KNX with the JPA binding.
All is working fine. I yet have to find out what I can do with the Paper UI but so far the backend at least is working fine.

On OH1 I used habmin which was working fine and Grafana.
Now I’ve installed Habmin2.
It’s loading OK, I can see the web interface. But for some reason it can’t load any items, binding and such.
What am I missing?
I’ve installed the zwave binding and the habmin2 binding for OH2.
Any advice would be great.


Something to remember with OH2 is that only OH2 versions of “stuff” will show up in the interface. What I mean by this is if you run an OH1 binding, such as the zwave binding, then it won’t show up in the binding list. This is also true of things - this is only an OH2 concept, so might be a bit more obvious.

Items should show up fine, but the current released version of HABmin2 is actually quite old now - I’ve been holding off releasing a new version until the OH2 ZWave binding is ready since I plan to remove support for the OH1 ZWave binding at the same time.

OK. But as I said. I can’t see any items.
Rules are loading, but very slow.

And, no items, no diagrams.
I was using Habmin mainly for the visualization of item historic.

Is there anything I can provide for you to figure out what the problem might be?


The items interface isn’t supported in the current version. Charting should work, sitemaps works, display and some configuration of things and config of zwave (with some issues) should work…

So, what do you mean by “no items, no diagrams” - do you mean charting? That should work fine.

I first want to understand what the issue really is…

My goal is really to get the ZWave sorted, then I can release a new version as things have changed a bit in the few months since the last version :smile:

I’m having a couple of issues:

  • although I set the language to english all is displayed in deutsch still
  • choosing Configuration->Items does nothing, no items are shown
  • Sitemaps shows the available sitemaps but choose my default Sitemap does nothing
  • Choosing Dashboard->Diagrams tries to load items but the progress indicator runs endlessly without result, no items


What I basically have done was:

  • installed the latest OH2 snapshot from Sunday 4th October.
  • installed org.openhab.ui.habmin_2.0.0.SNAPSHOT-0.0.15.jar to addons
  • installed zwave-1.8.0-SNAPSHOT to addons (from the OH2 package)

It seems to be working, kind of, because rules can be loaded and display.

Is the version 0.0.15 not meant to be working together with the latest OH2 snapshot?


OK Chris. All good.
It seems that the error was due to a wrong format conversion character in my items file.
This wasn’t a problem in OH1 but the REST API in OH2 now throws an exception.
And that’s why habmin didn’t load the items.