Habmin2 problem with charts

Well, not really. I think HABmins processing of the user setting was a bit broken, so it’s not really down to numptyness :wink:.


First of all I want to thank you guys for the amazing job you do with the whole openhab stuff.
As I´m not a programmer, I was very happy to see the oppertnities habmin offers in the ui.

I run OH2 online version on a odroid u3. In the basic UI I can control my whole knx installation. If I open the sitemap in habmin, i can se the buttons, but nothing changes if I press them. Maybe the problem starts here.

If I want to chart e.g a temperature, it only works, when i press the little camera button in the upper right corner, As soon as switch to another site, the camera button is disabled agein and I have to press it again and weit for some minutes to get a chart. I work with rrd.

The problem is, I don´t find any manual, showing how it works with knx.

Does the whol chart, and rule editor work generally with knx items?

The items are from OH1,8 but i changed some of them mit the smart home designer.