HABmin2 repository has moved

We’ve just moved the repository for HABmin2 to bring it under openHAB on Github. This will make it easier to include into the OH2 repo and once everything is configured it should be part of the build, so can be installed automatically like other UIs.

So, if you’re looking for HABmin now, firstly, you’ll find it’s moved, and secondly, the JAR in the output folder has been removed from the build, since it will be available soon to install through the standard OH2 installs.


Great news @chris, congrats! I see it is set up with its own build in jenkins, and is being worked on. I will look for it later.


I’m having some trouble getting the build to run on cloudbees - it ran ok on travis over the weekend, and it works locally, so not to sure at the moment why it’s not working on cloudbees… Anyway, tonight or tomorrow it will hopefully be running…

I probably also need to update the features, so probably won’t be running tonight…

Great indeed. Thanks @chris think it is a big step forward and much easier for everyone to use habmin.

I’ve finally got the build environment sorted out (!!) on Cloudbees, so HABmin is now building on cloudbees.

It might take another day or so for this to filter through and show up in the features list, but it’s getting there…

If anyone fancies translating HABmin, there’s an online translation app - currently there are translations for Danish, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian and Swedish… If you want to update your language, just let me know and I can give you edit access…

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I’d be happy to contribute some norwegian translation.

I can do Spanish here.

Thanks for the offers - if you can create an account on the website and them email or PM me your user name I’ll give you access.


This url currently gives a 404. Has it moved?


It’s distributed as part of the OH2 binaries, so it can be installed just like any other addon. I would suggest to use the standard methods to install, but if you really want to manually download the JAR, it can be found with the other OH2 bundles.

Thanks. I used an upgrade script previously that downloaded from your personal domain. This is no longer required. Great news.