Habmin2 Status with openhab 1.7


I am trying out openhab and also tried habmin.
I am running openhab 1.7 on debian, installes from the respoitory like in the wiki said.
Installed the demo files and have changed here and there to understand and integrate. Works so far with DMX and KNX. It is really easier after you unterstood the conecpt of the items and the sitemap and what belongs where :slight_smile:
I first tried installing habmin1, with the habmin jar in the addons and the webappfiles in the webappfolder. Runs smoothly so far.
After that I completely reinstalled a virtual machine with openhab and demo files and tried to install habmin2, but getting errors and no useful output.
Then I removed the habmin2 jar and the webapp files from this installation and installed also habmin(1) jar ind webapp and it runs imideately, so I don’t think the openhabinstallation has a problem.
What I can’t really read from the habmin2 readme is: Is habmin2 compatible and working with openhab 1.X or is it only for openhab2?

Thanks, regards


HABmin2 is working with openHAB1, but I would probably recommend sticking with HABmin1 until you move over to openHAB2. Initially, HABmin2 was developed solely under openHAB1, but as I move my own system more and more toward openHAB2, I’m less inclined (and able!) to support both platforms. HABmin1 probably has better support if you’re working with OH1…

You can of course run both - just put them into separate folders in the webapps folder and access them appropriately in the browser…


Hi Chris,

thank you very much for clarification!
I will try to install both (different webappsfolders, and habmin1 and habmin2 jar in the addons folder I think?) and have a look if it will work.
If I experience problems with habmin2 I will stick with 1 and look forward to habmin2 and openhab2.