HABot on Android requires sign-in each time

I would like to use HABot notifications, but I am wondering how to make it work well.
Each time I close the HABot “app” on my Android, I cannot get notifications.
Each time I re-open the HABot “app” from my homescreen, it re-asks me to sign in as…


You can use the “Store openHAB Cloud credentials” option in the settings - it’s not an ideal solution but it should help most of the time.

I tried that, but it will still ask me to sign in each time, this happens on my my S8.

Did you see a popup displayed by the browser after after you close the dialog box? - you should choose to save the credentials again when it appears.

I did that.
I think my phone is asking me to sign in with saved credentials, before HABot has a chance to do so.

Hm, not sure then; this is what should happen on a S8 with the default settings. Are you using https://home.myopenhab.org/habot/? After you sign in and confirm the message, you should see a blue bar at the bottom when Chrome needs the credentials, like the last screenshot. Maybe you disabled the credentials saving feature in the browser somehow (apparently you can turn it off)
I’ve seen occasional login prompts, but never every time. Btw you should continue receiving notifications even if you’re not logged in and the app is not started - only clicking them will then start the app and maybe ask you to sign in.