Habpanel & AngularJS in ioBroker

Hi @all, I’ve started to create a Gui for my radiator thermostat(s). One of the todos is to finalize an absence planning template. In this template a status (on/off) and two date values must be written to the objects section in ioBroker (0_userdata.0.Heizung.Abwesenheitsplanung.Status).
I’m able to do this with the command: OHService.sendCmd($scope.config.status, false);
In ioBroker there is a so called “confirmation” flag when writing data. This confirmation flag will be used to differ between commands and a confirmation (that a command was executed).
I’m looking for a possibility to set this flag (true/false) during writing a value to an userdata item in ioBroker. The reason is that in ioBroker are running some triggers to take care about items in userdata which were changed and start - if necessary - some kind of processing.
Is there any possibillity to achieve this?
Any kind of hint/help would be appreciated.
KR Uwe

If this is about the ioBroker Habpanel you might have better luck on the iobroker forum.

Thank you for this hint :slight_smile:

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