Habpanel basicui command synchronization

(bouali mohamed) #1


I have experienced a faulty synchronization between habpanel and basicui during switch (ON/OFF - sonoff) command. this is happening only in one side, in a clear manner when I try to move the switch On\Off in basicui the habpanel responds at the same time with it. but in contarst no synchronization occurs with basicui.
it’s a normal a state or something got wrong?

(Holger OpenhabUser) #2

What happens if you press F5 in the browser? Is then the basicui updated?

(bouali mohamed) #3

Yes, you are right it’s updating when i hit F5. but not at the same time as basicui does.

(Holger OpenhabUser) #4

Then you can try to restart OH and see if the autoupdate works again.

(bouali mohamed) #5

Thank Holgerl,
Then i must restart OH for any UI changes?.

(bouali mohamed) #6

I did exactly what you said. but nothing has changed.

(Unparagoned) #7

It might be dependent on how the switch is implemented. One may postUpdate and the other might sendCommand. If you can check how the switches work are implemented it should show you which they use and then you can change one to the other.

(bouali mohamed) #8

OK ,
Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: