Habpanel - Browser vs Phone

I have the following simple panel. I can get it looking pretty enough on the desktop.

But on the iphone it looks all compressed.

How do I sort that out. I like the fictionality of habpanel and may start trying to use it more so will have many questions.

My understanding is you have to create a special separate panel for your small screens. They are working on an adaptive capability but it is not yet done.

Or ypu can enable mobile mode, but portrait doesnt work well, use landscape. Also use % indtead of pixels for placement of widgets.

The biggest problem is that you can not set a font size unit in any of the widgets. They are px or pt.

I have ‘font-size: 1.9vh;’ in the body element of the CSS and most buttons scale fine and look nice both on big and small screen. But if I use font size in the widgets that will brake everything when on mobile