HABPanel - Chart shows no data - using persistance - jdbc - mariadb

OK. So please just remove the binding part - and the things entry. There should be error messages on this on your log, add this won’t work. This way you create “empty” items, which you can update with your script. No worries, items don’t need bindings.

Please have a look in /var/log/, there should be some info in the messages or system file on your cron. You’re sure, your scripts are in /home/pi/scripts/? What happens if you type the commands in the shell?

Lastly: as I assume, you’re not only new to openHAB, but also to Linux: please consider moving your pi installation to openHABian. This helps you concentrating on openHAB and not everything else around…?

Hey, no way, i dont want to reconfigure everthing, took to mutch time :slight_smile: Its the same programm i guess, but i also need some pilight scripts to get my 433mhz switch sockets to work and wiringpi etc.