HABPanel chart widget not rendered correctly when changing orientation

The chart widget isn’t correctly rendered if the device is changing orientation. Coming from portrait mode the actual chart is not filling the whole widget in landscape mode.
A manual refresh will resolve the problem.
Should I report this as an issue on github?

After doing an update I noticed some changes, however the rendering is still the same. See example:

The first one shows the chart after the device was turned to portrait. Note the chart extends over the widget.

The second one shows the screen after a reload (command from browser, not from HABpanel).

In this new version I noticed that scrolling isn’t working anymore. Is that intended?

Thanks for pointing that out, that’s probably a bug. I don’t have a solution yet for the automatic resizing of charts (and other widgets).

The locked down scrolling is probably due to the iNoBounce library to prevent the bounce effect on iPad, I should have another look.