HABPanel ColorPicker widget - HSL


Trying to set up my first HABPanel, but I have an issue with ColorPicker widget in the HSL mode.
When I have selected this mode it shows up fine, but the use of it is a bit confusing.
The problem is that the background on the sliders change as you slide the slider, which at times makes the background all black or white and thereby impossible for the user to set the right values.
Is it possible to diable this background change?
And is it possible to remove the scale and numbers too? Those have no real value, since a user can not really be that precise with the slider and it just makes the widget messy.
Instead of the scale then the name of effect the slider affect would be nice, so the user knew what they are changing. Alternatively it could be 3 icons placed to the left of the sliders or above them if the are vertical instead of horizontal.
The 3 icons could be like on monitors and TVs, where color is the RGB dots placed in a triangle, saturation is a white circle with a black fill next to a white circle with white fill and brightness is a small sun next to a big sun.

Yours Wally