HABPanel Configuration has moved!


Just a short notice for all HABPanel users:
When testing the RC1, I noticed that the internal configuration id was not in sync with the other add-ons, I therefore corrected it - todays snapshot (not RC1!) contains this fix. This means that if you upgrade to it, your HABPanel won’t find your configurations anymore (if you stored it on the server and not only in the browser).
It is easy to make it find it again, though: Shutdown your openHAB and then simply move the file ${OPENHAB_USERDATA}/config/org/openhab/ui/habpanel.config one level up to ${OPENHAB_USERDATA}/config/org/openhab/habpanel.config. That’s all!

Besides this change, the latest snapshot now also contains a demo panel, if you chose the demo package to install.

Additionally, there were some fixes in ESH as well, e.g. the problem that config files were not reloaded anymore after a syntax error.

Best regards,