HabPanel CSS not updating


I’m modifying my CSS file use for my habPanel. My problem is that the changes done in the CSS file is not reflected in my HabPanels. To see the changes made I have to copy the content of the CSS file into a new file, and update the file name in the “additional stylesheet” section of the habpanel settings to the new file name.

Does anybody have any tips to avoid this? It gets quite cumbersome to test new changes this way.

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same problem here :frowning: please help - thanks

another quicker workaround - rename the css file to mycss2.css, reload page and then back to mycss.css this works and updates for me…

but that cant be the way its done :frowning:

ok found a quite easier way - the “problem” is the browser history/cache
just install the chrome extension and enable - reload automatically, Cache, History - thats it - all you have to do now, is just pressing the little extension button instead of Refresh and thats it :wink: