HABPanel: Displaying "ON/OFF" as "0/100" or "0/1"

I’m using HABPanel with openHAB2 for e.g. displaying room temperature, and I’d like to add information, whether the heating was on or off at times. My goal is to see, if the change in room temperature is met by heating on/off or if it was the sun shining through the windows.

So I have these items:

Number RTR_EG_WoZi_actualTemp	"Ist Wohnzimmer  [%.1f °C]"	{ knx="<9.001:8/1/1" }
Switch RTR_EG_WoZi_control	"Stellgröße Wohnzimmer"		{ knx="8/1/0" }

Which I put in a chart widget, but (of course) the widget doesn’t know what to do with “ON” or “OFF”.
I could - of course - add a third item, which transform ON/OFF to 0/100 or whatever, but I’d prefer a solution within HABPanel or whatever? :wink:

Did you solve it by setting an additional item to “1” if “ON” and “0” if “OFF” or is there a more straight forward solution available?

Didn’t solve it yet! :wink:
But I guess, the only solution would be the additional item…

Did this now.
Thought there might have been an better option.
Working pretty well though.
Thanks for your quick response

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