HabPanel edit on OH3 remotely


I have migrated successfully to OH3 stable on Rpi4 8GB, USB SSD and Z-wave stick.

I use a few different Habpanel configs for my iphone, wall mounted tablet and PC.
The tablet is an android running FKB (Fully Kiosk Browser).

Because OH requires a login to maintain OH and edit Habpanel, I am not able to do so on the tablet.
The regular browser on the tablet does not show anything, when I open the main UI.
Therefore a login is not possible.

Is there a way to remotely choose the panel config?
(I tried to set the default config with the star on my PC, but the tablet does load my iPhone config.)
Any hint would be greatly appreciated.

By the way: The user / password setting in FKB did not help to make HP editable.

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Because you like my post (thanks for that) :slight_smile: I assume you are using Fully Kiosk as well!?
Have you been able to solve the issue?

Sorry, I think I may have accidentally liked your post while scrolling. I don’t know anything about Fully Kiosk

No worries, mate.
Thanks for your response!