Habpanel editable in kiosk mode

Just moved from OpenHAB 2 to 3. rebuilt from scratch and mode everything is working.
My problem is with Hab panel. I use different config for iPad mini vs full-size as they have different screen res and aspect.
I use the iPad ‘Add to Home Screen’ to create an icon for Kiosk mode. The kiosk mode also launches in default mode, in Hab2 I could hit edit on the panel and switch to the correct server based config. On hab3 I cannot edit once I run from the link icon, only in safari once logged in.
I tried the info from Oliver2 about editing the “uicomponents_habpanel_panelconfig.json’ file but there is no flag - lockEditing=B"false” in the file. Do I need to add this? where should it go if I add?
Is there another way to set the panel to be editable in kiosk mode?
Or I is there a way to supply user/password information in the link? i.e. something like - ‘/Host-address/Habpanel{username, password}’

Any updates on this topic? Seems that quiet a few people are having the same problem since upgrading to OH3…
Main problem is not the “edit possibility itself” more that you can not choose the configuration on any tablet/mobile phone without logging in to main ui