Habpanel floors then rooms then

For use in a bigger building is it possible to add more pages in habpanel? e.g to break it down via floor then via room so the floors would be listed in the slide to right menu, then you would chose a room on a floor, then you would get into the dashboard for that room that had the switches and widgets? At the moment it seems once I add my floors the nxt page is where I have to add the widgets. It would be much too busy to add all the switches in all the rooms on 1 floor to one page on habpanel.

In the basic UI you can have a group of groups and this displays great but then once you cant define the order within the group.

-1st floor
–room 1

-2nd floor
–room 8

3rd floor
–room 35
–room 36

Maybe the simple question would be: if you had a building with 10 floors, 20 rooms on each floor and 30 switches in each room how would you go about making a habpanel that is nice to use?


Create a new dashboard for each floor and then you can add a button widget with the following options. When you add it to your dashboard it links to the next dashboard and so on.

So if you create a top level ‘Home’ dash and have it with some general info and then buttons for each floor you should get close to what you are after I think.