Habpanel for IOS that DOESNT use WebView?

Hi All

Is there any work being done on having the ability to use HabPanel for IOS without a web view? Webview is terribly slow on IPhones etc.

It surprises me that for such a great UI that there is no real ability to get access to this using myopenhab.org or without using a VPN. As far as I know, the IOS client for OpenHAB has no HabPanel connectivity.


Maybe it’s a typo but you can access HABPanel through myopenhab.org. In fact, that is how the iOS app accesses it for the current Webview when you are not on your LAN/VPN.

I know the Android app supports HABPanel but that’s a recent development. An there I think it too presents it in a webview because HABPanel is a web page by it’s very nature. It has to be rendered by some sort of web renderer.

Sitemaps, on the other hand, are not web pages so the raw information gets downloaded and the UI gets built in the app itself. I just don’t think that is possible with HABPanel.

How does the IOS app access HabPanel view myopenhab.org? I don’t use myopenhab.org, but without a link inside the app to Habpanel cant see how its possible.

I installed the latest IOS app but cant see any ability to pull it up.



When you said webview I assumed you were going through the app. It may not be supported. But even if it is supported, it will be displaying it in a webview as it is a web page.

I am going through the IPhone app. I see no ability to connect to HabPanel through the IPhone app.

Than it’s not supported by the app. But my point is even if it were supported, it would be presented to you as a webview. It will perform no differently than when you open it with the browser.

I wish that was true…

The iOS client builds on the BasicUI or the sitemap of the BasicUI and is something completely different than habpanel.

For the ios app you also need VPN or myopenhab.org

Feel you motivated to program a native Habpanel app :slight_smile:

Here is all you need …