HABPanel for multilingual UI

Hi everybody,
I’m new to OpenHAB. I’m planning to use HABPanel on an Android Tablet in kiosk mode (using Fully Kiosk Browser) for Home Automation. However, the Panel would be used by guests from different countries, but HABPanel does not natively support multi-lingual UI.
The work-around I was thinking of is to translate the Panel to different languages, saving each one to a different Panel config on the server, and use different port numbers for each language, just adding port forwarding rules as needed to the router. All forwarding rules pointing to the same OpenhabianPI internal address, port 8080.
For example mydomain.it:8090 for Italian, mydomain.it:8091 for english, an so on…
This because different ports allocate different browser local storage, where panel-config is stored.
So I would have a Main Web page just for language selection and an iframe pointing to the URL of the corresponding port/language Panel set with JS.
I don’t know if there are better solutions for implementing multilingual HABPanels, suggestions are welcome…
BTW: could I host the “Main language redirection page” on OpenhabianPI? How?