HABPanel: immediate update


i would like to know, how i can configur ethe HABPanel to send commands to the items immediatly.
If is use e.g. the slider in the Paper UI control and i set the volume from 2% to 15% the volume will grow with my slider.

If i use the slider in the HABPanel, the volume “jumps” from 2% to 15% without any intermediate stages. So the slider is nothing more then a selection.

I want to hear the volume changes while i use the slider.

Thank you for your help in advance.

You can’t, the slider send the command when the mouse is released.
There was a thread a while ago, I can’t find it right now where someone was asking for the same functionality.
It could be achieved by re-coding the widget and using another event to trigger the command.
You’ll have to do your own digging in google for that.

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