Habpanel in openHAB3 - trashcan icon appears non-operable

I have just loaded a fresh copy of OH3 onto my machine. Thank you to all the developers - it is nice. I spent a ton of time with the new Model feature and think I love it. Hopefully this old guy will figure it out.

OS - Windows 10, Home
Java Runtime - Zulu 11
Openhab - Version 3.0.0 “Unknown Build No” is reported in about field. (12/29/20 download & install)
Browser - Chrome, Version 87.0.4280.88 (Official Build) (64-bit) (Latest)

Two issues I need to resolve

First Item
I used to run Version 2.5 and I really like HabPanel. I was able to get my old panels loaded within OH3 with no difficulty. During the learning process, I used the “Model” feature within openHAB. When I did that basically all the channel links changed to match the new naming schema. As a result, all the panels in HabPanel needed to change. During that update process, I did regular “Save the current configuration to a new panel configuration” operations. In the end I had about 25 configurations in the pipe. After I finished, I used the trashcan icon to delete all the extra configurations. On the screen they disappeared. But, when I then attempted to deploy those panels to all of my iPADs (That we use for house control) all of the debug configurations were there. I also noticed that the file C:\openhab\userdata\userdata\jsondb\uicomponents_habpanel_panelconfig.json contained all the configurations - in a nice convenient readable JSON formatted file. So, I thought … no problem, I will just manually delete all of the extra data entries from the file, save it and reload. No joy - the system simply restored the data (I am sort of assuming it knew that I saved the file due to administrator writing the file as opposed to openHAB.
Question - Anyone seen this or know how to get rid of all the extra garbage?

Second Item
When I am in HabPanel doing panel development work - if I “save” a panel and then try to “run” a panel , it does not run. I have to “Save as new configuration…” on the gear icon. Then, go back and run the panel.
Question - Is there a way to “Save” then “Run” the panel without going through the extra step? This is how I ended up with 25 debug versions. Somehow this also feels like it is some permissions issue.

Thanks in advance

Interesting, I’ll have a look when I get back from holidays, it might be a bug.