Habpanel item state not available when using hardware switch


I’m using openhab 2.2 on windows. I’m using fibaro fgs relay to switch on/off lights.

What is working:

  • habpanel light on/off
  • amazon echo dot voice command

when I switch on/off the light via habpanel (and reload the page) I see the correct state of the item
when I switch on/off the light via amazon echo dot the habpanel directly updates the state
when I switch on/off the light from the wall switch the habpanel does NOT update the state

any idea why?

thx in advance!

Take a look at this post of a quite long (and also quite old) topic:

At least if you have only a one channel relay, that should work.
Does you device have your ZWave controller configured in one of the associations?

thx sascha, thats the thing. I have double switch but on some things I was using switch_binary instead of binary1/2