Habpanel launcher for android


How can we add Habpanel app launcher in android ?

If someone has done please let me know.


I have installed “Fully Kiosk Browser” yesterday. I did not test it extensively, but it has autostart feature and does work with my habpanel configuration.

It also has some other nifty features that might come in handy like kiosk mode and turning on screen when motion is detected by the camera. Looks like this might be worth checking out.

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I have hired to an indian freelancer to write me an app that will launch a chrome home screen shortcut. Then you can use any autostart app like autostart and stay to launch it at boot.
Tested only in 4.2 and 4.4 PM me if you want an APK to test

I have chosen this way as chrome has superior compatibility and at the time none of the kiosk browsers didnt work as I liked them.

I LOVE Fully Kiosk Browser I event create an items in open tab to open and close my android tab at night !

Only thing is the animate weather widget didn’t work on it … :pensive: