HABPanel link on iOS homescreen

This is not really a problem of the OpenHAB-iOS-App but rather an iOS-problem that i am encountering, but it is a bit annoying:

If I open HABPanel through the browser, everything is fine. But in the newer iOS-versions, if I add a link to the homescreen and click that icon, iOS does not open Safari and open the link in Safari, but rather directly opens the link in full screen mode somehow without control buttons like “back”, “forward” and “reload”.
Now if I open the link while not in my home network (without direct connection to the OpenHAP), it is loaded only black with no controls at all.
But if I am now back in my own wifi, it still does not open the HABPanel correctly, and I have no chance to reload or do anything else to correct this.

Does anybody have an idea how to navigate around this?

File an issue on GitHub for the iOS app?