HabPanel MJPEG stream/image from camera

Hello Everyone,

first of all, let me thank you for such a amazing IoT platform as Openhab. I’ve been using several IoT plaftorm, but I truly believe Openhab is the best I’ve used so far, even there are some littlethings I don’t like.

Currently I have defined a dashboard, which is showing me the pictures resp. MJPEG stream from my Foscam camera. I also connected my loacal dashboard with myopenhab.org and so I can access it remotely. I made work also the control of the camera itself. But there are 2 issue I’d like to ask you how to solve.

  1. Password in HTTP widget - obviously the widget is using <img ng-src=";usr=visitor&amp;pwd=justpasswd&amp;_t=2018-02-26T11:39:57.982Z" src=";usr=visitor&amp;pwd=justpasswd&amp;_t=2018-02-26T11:39:57.982Z"> and I’d liek to ask you how I could get rid of the password?
  2. Obviously the dashboard is not working through myopenhab account as the IP address remain localone. Is tehre any way to overcome this limitation as well?

Thank you for your advices.

PS: I’m fairly new in openhab so please be patience.


I also have some issues with this, as it prevents me from using habpanelviewer. My camera does not have a secure means to establish https, though if your camera does, that would be one route to remove the authentication from the string.

@will_stewart1a, well my camera does support https, but I believe I still need to use username and passwd and moreover this would (if even) solve the problem nr. 1. The true solution (I believe) would be to set the passwd and username somewhere in the widget settings.

C’mon guys, really nobody?

Another approach might be to leave off both username and pwd, and have it prompt for those the first time you start up the dashboard. It will likely cache them after that, and there is a high likelihood that subsequent accesses to the camera would not require reauthentication. Not my strong suit, so try it out and see if it works.