HABPanel (no OpenHAB items showing under Button Settings)

Hi there,

I’ve searched the forums but not found anything intuitive that solves or documents which config files to alter.

Have installed OpenHAB on a Raspberry Pi 3 (using openhasbianpi). Accessed via web front end and selected HABPanel to start to setup a page. When adding a button (widget), the menu item for OpenHAB Item is greyed out and therefore I cannot select any of the included (default) items

Hopefully this is an easy fix. Please could any answers show which config file to edit (with PATH if possible) and what bi needs to change.


Are you certain there are default Items there to select? Did you select “Demo” from the list of options the very first time you brought up PaperUI?

If not you have not Items to display. I recommend going through the Beginner’s Tutorial.

Thanks Rich,

I went for the Standard Install (Recommend). The only way I can get items to appear in the ‘openHAB item’ dropdown, is to manually add a ‘Switch’ item into /etc/openhab2/items file

I was expecting to lots of entries as I had previously added the Bindings for HTTP / TCP / Nest / Netamo

Should I re-install and select Expert??


No. Standard is a good choice. Expert will do even less for you.

No Items get created when you install bindings. If you are in simple mode, newly discovered Things will automatically create an Item. When simple mode is disabled, for any 1.x version binding, and in cases where Things cannot be automatically discovered you have to create Items yourself.

In short, you need to create Items most of the time. They don’t just appear out of nowhere.

Understood - From some of the video’s it looked like you just selected installed ones from the dropdown