Habpanel not reflecting changed from IKEA Traadfri App

Hi All,

I’m hoping you guys can help me out here. Small issue, but it drives me crazy.

I’ve come so far that my bindings are working and the Sliders works in my Habpanel. My biggest problem is that whenever I change anything on the “IKEA Traadfri App” my Habpanel doesn’t update.
So if I change the brightness or color temperature, it’s not updating. The bulbs are changing though.

.items file
//IKEA Tradfri (Hobbyrum)

Dimmer Hobbyrum_LED1_Bright "Hobbyrum LED1 Brightness" { channel="tradfri:0220:mygateway:Hobbyrum_LED1:brightness" }
Dimmer Hobbyrum_LED1_Color "Hobbyrum LED1 Color" { channel="tradfri:0220:mygateway:Hobbyrum_LED1:color_temperature" }

.things file
Bridge tradfri:gateway:mygateway [ host=“xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx”, code=“whyisn’titworking?” ] {
0220 Hobbyrum_LED1 [ id=65537 ]
0220 Hobbyrum_LED2 [ id=65538 ]

.sitemap file

sitemap home label=“DEMO”
Frame label=“Hobby Raum”
Switch item=HR_Mainlight icon=“switch” label=“Spots"
Slider item=Hobbyrum_LED1_Bright label=“Brightness [%.1f %%]“
Slider item=Hobbyrum_LED1_Color icon=“colorpicker” label=“Color Temperature [%.1f %%]” valuecolor=[<33=”#D8D8D8”,<66=”#FACC2E",<101="#FF8000$

Heeeelp :).



I finally got it fixed. What turned out to be my problem was that I was using the 0220 channel for both Color and Brightness.
I changed it to 0100 for the brightness and then kept 0220 for the color temp. Now it works when I change the brightness or the temperature from the IKEA app (not that I’m using it - but it should work).