HabPanel ... Not Updating when accessing from OTHER computers

I’m running OpenHAB on an RPI 3B+. I accessed (openhab:8080) from a Windows 10 computer and started setting up HabPanel. Every time I exit and come back, my work is ‘still there’. If however I try to access from a different computer or a tablet, the work I’ve done does not show. Of course, all computers/tablets are on the same home LAN. I thought the changes I made are saved directly to the OpenHAB on my RPI … but apparently not. Any clue what I’m doing wrong?

You might wonder why I’m doing this from multiple locations/computers …

  1. I do most of my work on a desktop computer
  2. Late at night (in bed) I do some work on a Surface tablet (Win 10).
  3. I also do check ‘regularly’ whether the interface looks ok on an iPad.

Hasn’t you reloaded / refreshed the web page on the next browsers?

Or have you tried clearing the cache in the browsers, to make sure they pull down the updated files?

By default I think Habpanel saves the dashboard locally in the browser…you have to save it to the server and then load it when you use other devices.
See here: