Habpanel not working anymore

Hoi all,

after I downloaded and setup the google maps widget my Habpanel stopped working. After resetting the openhab2 service nothing was better, so I restarted the Raspi. After restarting nothing came on, so I sshed into the Raspi and saw that the log said openHABianPi kernel: [ 311.997792] Under-voltage detected! (0x00050005)

Very strange behaviour, maybe my SSD is dying?

All right, so I exchanged the power supply and voilá everything was working again eeeexcept, right the Habpanel. I could not find a topic where I would know how to deactivate the google maps widget, so any help very much appreciated!


Hey folks,

what I could do in the meantime is to switch in the habpanel to the settings and delete the google maps widget. However this whole story is quite strange and if someone experience the same or similar things, please let me know… :wink: