Habpanel on Android apk

On my Raspberry PI 4+, having completely completed the development under Basic UI of my interface, I wanted to improve the design and therefore switch to HABpanel
1 - So I created my main Dashboard and I added my first sitemap with the items identical to those used under BasicUI and until then everything was going well and displayed well on the OpenHAB2 interface of Raspberry
2 - I wanted to check what it looked like on my Android tablet there, I only found the sitemaps under BasicUI and not the Panel!
3 - I clicked on HABpanel (in the application) and I found myself in the programming of a new Panel (on Android).
4 - So I created another Panel called “Test” which I find on my tablet after a disconnection!
5 - I checked on my phone and it’s exactly the same as on the tablet!
6 - Back on the Raspberry interface I only find what I created in point 1.
I find habpanel.config which corresponds to the panel created in point 1 in:
/ var / lib / openhab2 / config / org / openhab
Can you enlighten me a little more …