HABPanel on OH 1.8?

Hi is possible use habpanel in openhab 1.8?


Use the search function :smile:

i have read this message, i put habmin in the static directory,but when i go in http://myip:8080/static/habpanel i receive this message

Problem accessing /openhab.app. Reason:

Sitemap 'default' could not be found

do you have a default.sitemap file in your configurations\sitemaps\ folder?

if your sitemap file is named differently, try:


(not sure if this will work… give it a try)

this is my sitemap

i need put another file named default.sitemap in sitemap directory?

I don’t use OH1.x so I can’t test my recommendations…


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now i see a web interface at this addres
i try to work whit this

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Huh? Are you sure? HABPanel doesn’t use sitemaps.

Yes i’m sure work whit this link

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I knew it… (that I was giving a wrong direction here :blush:)

The url that I gave ( is wrong since (like the author of HABPanel writes), HABPanel doesn’t use sitemaps…

Hi All,

Fresh clone of web folder to static. I can access habpanel however it states non stop that connection is lost retrying…

Also i cannot get a list of items…

I use a non standard port and OH 1.8, does this matter? do i need to change the port in HP from 8080 to mine somewhere??? Rest is available and working as i use it everyday…

Any help is appreciated!!!

NM needed to use the OH1 version… disregard…! :wink: