HABPanel on older IOS devices

Is there an incompatability with OH3 and older iOS devices?

Having a collection of old iPads I started to think of utilising one as a HabPanel oform my OH3 setup. (most of my interactions are via alexa connections or physical push buttons I’ve made with arduino/mqtt/espeasy.

Turns out - regardless of Safari/Chrome/Edge/KioskProLight or the type of device (I tried 3) - you cannot login to the UI (or more specifically “habpanel” - thus cannot get the default pages to come up! works fine on an IoS>13 device.

I have tried multiple platforms - unless you are running >ios12… you cannot use openhab.

Is this a documented “will not work” thing? I dont want to buy an ipad just for habpanel on my kitchen wall… that just being a webbrowser.

Melbourme, Australia

Unless things have changed, it doesn’t matter what browser app you were using on older iOS devices–they all used Safari’s engine to render pages. If you’re using devices so old that they don’t have recent Safari updates, they might not like MainUI. I can’t verify that, as I don’t have an old iOS device handy.

That being said, OH3 will work in Chrome on an Android 5 device, because they still get Chrome browser updates. So I would have expected the same to be the case for Safari on iOS (since Apple is typically better about supporting old devices).

Get an Amazon Fire HD or another cheap Android tablet and run HabPanelViewer on it. You can use rules to control when the screen is on/off, among other things.

thankyou for the response.

I’d suspected that this may be a “safari” thing - id tried edge/chrome/KioskProLite - and nothing seems to work… if you have to log in - (as it appears habpanel at least expects) it wont work.

It seems a shame that you have to “login” to simply pickup a default habpanel screen… I made a wonderful one for my up-to-date daily-use ipad… but Im not dedicating it for this menial task)

Its such a basic function - it is only a webpage on my internal network?!?! frustrating!

Sounds like your indicating there is no “fix” to this short of “buy more equipment” (which could *potentially have the same problem in the future too!)… so that Im not prepared to buy any equipment right now (was thinking of connecting a PI Zero to a touchscreen in the future but Im not going down that path just yet anyway) I might just leave it at the openhab overview page on the old ipad and make that as functional as possible (doesnt look very nice… but will have to do I suppose)

Thanks for your response.


Problem is that you have to ignore your gut instincts, and manual edit the HabPanel configuration to make the “local” the default.
Login as admin to openhab on anything (that can - I used windows10 chrome)


  • set “Current Storage Configuration” to LOCAL
  • click the “advanced edit” button,
  • find “default:” and change it from false to “true”.
  • save the setting


A bit confusing because the “Current Storage Configuration” setting SAYS that it will only work for the local browser… turns out… nope!
Very Confusing - but thankful google pointed me to a wonderful link!

Just opened it in “kioskprolite” and worked perfectly!

Thanks to those that replied…

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Glad you found a solution. I’m not sure why Habpanel requires login, or if that was necessary on OH2.

My comment about getting an Android tablet was only relevant to your comment about buying an iPad for this particular purpose (it’s overkill). A Pi Zero W with a touchscreen is probably the opposite (underkill?). The older model doesn’t have enough resources to run a GUI, much less a web browser, and might actually cost more than a significantly faster Fire HD 8 with a 1280x800 display. They just announced a new Pi Zero W that’s much faster, but I suspect it would still struggle.