Habpanel openhab app image ip camera

i need help.
I have one lupus le201 ip camera. In the habpanel at firefox (PC) or SamsungInternet (Smartphone) the image on habpanel works with this url:
but at the habpanel in the openhab app (Smartphone) it don’t work.

That URL will only work when your phone is on the same network as your IP camera. So you need to either make it so your phone is on your LAN at all times (i.e. use a personal VPN) or you need to expose your IP camera to the internet and access it using it’s public URL (NOT recommended).

Thank you for your answer.
I use the bindig myOpenHab and the Cloud for remote access with my smartphone. Is there no way to config myOpenHab binding?

The openHAB Cloud is a proxy service for openHAB. It’s not a general purpose proxy server. It does not let you route any arbitrary server on your LAN through it. It just gives the ability to access openHAB stuff.

If your camera provides a JPEG and MJPEG stream on a different URL than you might be able to use the Image or Video element on the sitemap to see static images of your video feeds. Otherwise it cannot be done except through the ways I already mentioned.

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