HabPanel Query String

Hi All,
I’ve been trying to achieve the next without much success.
I need to send a query string to the dashboard like [OPENHAB_DOMAIN]/habpanel/index.html?id=1234 and then put that id value into a button to finally send a command, so i would have something like this: sendCmd(‘Lights’, ‘ON1234’)

Is that possible?. Please help me to do this.
Thanks & Regards.

Exactly what are you trying to achieve? What is the end goal?

The idea is that id will be an user identifier, so i can know who triggered that event(button) and save that data into a database

Have you though about a keypad widget?

I don’t think a keypad widget will solve my problem, since the user would have to enter his security code for each action. I would like to have an user management system where the user could login and then be redirected to habpanel sending his id as parameter.

I have had some thought about this a really you would need a personalized habpanel for each user. You could set up a different dashboard for each user and personalize the widgets in each. And change to the dashboard with this options: