HABPanel RELOADED - THEME / SKIN + Custom Widgets

That only happens on one specific page though right ? /habpanel/index.html#/

On my panel, I launch the lighting page first so I never see that screen at all with the dashboards on the right. I only see that page on mine when I click the QR code.

When you click the three dashes, top left.

The reason I like that layout, is it allows a Square image in the top left, like a logo. You dont see that anywhere else as far as I’m aware

Even if you configure a default load page, and press the top three dashes, it still displays it

The 3 dashes pop open the left menu.

I have a logo top left of the menu bar in all pages by setting it on:
Drawer heading image (optional)

If you want to hide the names in the right bit do it in the same way as above, right click the name you want to hide in Chrome and choose inspect element, which will give you the CSS element name, then use the code above but replace the element name where the example was .header h2.dashboard-title

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Thanks ill give that a go

If you can’t find it I can look later when I’m at the PC again. Can’t check for the name from the mobile chrome.

Its ok :slight_smile: i can find it

Is there a tutorial how to install the json files and make widget do all the things it can ? log viewer,the kodi player and the volumes and so on :stuck_out_tongue: , i wood like to make this my self

For anyone who was having issues getting Frontail to work on windows a suggestion was recently posted to GITHUB…I have made the suggested changes and Frontail now works like a champ.

You can see the 2 small necessary changes at:

So happy to finally get this working.

Squid :squid:

I definitely didn’t have to do any of that on mine. Glad you got it working finally.

@gman Do you still have the json file for the KODI varient? I can’t find it anywhere. I know this thread is old but would love to be able to see my Kodi library like you have in the picture.

That Kodi library is literally just an iframe widget pointing to the Kodi webui URL.

Thank you brother!

This is very awesome. Thanks! @gman is this still the theme you’re using?

It is.

I was planning on making another but haven’t got around to it yet.

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