HABPanel remote on iPhone8+

My OH install (v2.5) access (local and remote) can be accessed just fine using the Android app, and I have a HABPanel setup.

Turn to my Daughter’s iPhone8+ (iOS 13.3) and installed OH App from the App Store. It doesn’t have HABPanel. Ok I thought,no worries , I’ll set her up for Openhab Cloud which I too can access from Android no probs. So , on her Safari app I went to https://myopenhab.org , entered username and password, and could navigate my install remotely. Great. So I wento HABPanel using Safari and shared the URL as a shortcut to her Homescreen. The icon appeared. Great. But every time she clicks the icon, it asks for Username and Password. That’s no good.

What options have I?

Maybe this can help?

I think that is Basic UI based

Back when my wife had iOS the best option iI came up with was to give her her own user account in myopenhab.org. And she will need to enter her username and password periodically. iOS will not allow basic-auth type URLs in it’s desktop shortcuts.

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it works as a desktop icon/link, it just asks for username and password every time and doesn’t go to the HABpan dashboard.

Right, because it is opening the link in the browser. And you have to authenticate yourself to myopenhab.org to bring up the webpage. And you cannot embed the username and password in that icon on the desktop.

Your only choice until/unless the iOS app supports HABPanel is to provide her own username and password and she will have to periodically enter it when it’s asked for.

Or you can look for a solution outside of myopenhab.org, such as setting up a VPN so her phone is always connected to your LAN and access the OH server directly.

Ah, ok, I created a simple sitemap and used that instead. Not as good or flexible as HP though.

There are so many features missing for IOS and HabPanel. I too struggle. HabPanel feels like the poor cousin when it comes to UI’s and it shouldn’t be because its fantastic. Its just a shame its so badly supported in the apps and yes this password issue you have is also problematic.

I had to modify the IOS app to create a HabPanel link (based on a very old IOS version of the app) but then the rendering performance of HabPanel inside the IOS app is so poor compared to Safari its near unusable when using any type of WAN connection.

It really really really needs some work!

Well, it says SOLVED, but it will be solved when IOS app will support habpanel.
Otherwise I think the only choicei is to use safari home local shortcut at home and to use openhab ios app with basicUI when you are not at home.
Who wants to insert credential every time?
OpenHab for Android solves the problem.