HABPanel sliders not properly rendered

Hi all, currently I’m facing some issues related to the HABpanel and slider widgets. When switching between dashboards the slider are often not properly rendered, e.g. no min or max value is shown and slider position remains on initial position (e.g. most left).

When reloading the whole web page, changing value of any thing or just resizing the browser the slider is rendered as expected. Somehow looks like some timing issue.

Have tested with Chrome and Firefox - both behave similar.

Have installed the openHAB package version 2.5.2.

Thanks a lot,

After making the changes have you tried a restart or cleaning the cache/tmp files?

Likely work clearing browser cache too. I find Chrome particularly troublesome.

sorry for late reply. Was quite busy. Seems deleting the browser cache has solved the issue. Will continue testing.

thanks to you guys.

Its a known issue, i think youll find your fixes are only temporary.