Habpanel Sonos Widgets

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Great. Is it working apart from the icons?

thx again for your patience. Everything is working now…

Well was a little bit too fast .It IS working , execpt volume up and down.
that are working but not correctly

Great. Not working in what way?

pressing volume up steps one song forward.
vulome down does the same…Steps one song forward

I was debugging the volume issue (not turning up volume but skipping to next track) and found this.

      <div class="col-sm-2 modgrid">
         <button class="sonosbutton" style="background-image: url(/static/sonos/VolDown.png); background-size: contain; background-repeat: no-repeat;background-position: center center" 
            ng-click="sendCmd(config.media_player, 'NEXT')"
            ng-dblclick="sendCmd(config.media_player, 'PAUSE')">

So you are referring to the volume icon but link to a skip command.
I tried to fix it but I messed up the widget :open_mouth:

Oops! Thanks! Will have a crack at fixing that but might be a while as on hols at the moment and not sure I can access remotely! Glad you got the rest of it working.

Thank you for your effort. Great work.

SonosControlWithArt works more or less. Artwork shows up, play/stop works but volume +/- won’t work.

My questions are mainly about the other two widgets:

In SonosAlbumSelect I can see my icons but the playlists don’t work. Do the playlists need to have the same name as in the Sonos app or the way I named them in my OH items? When I click, nothing happens. How do I route the playlist to a certain speaker/ room?

In SonosSystemVolume I am lost. I only manage to see two volume controls (Vol 1 and 2 I guess), the rest does not show up. Can you post some explanation on how to use this widget? Do chill and loud need to be extra items in OH? And what need to be entered in group? One for each room?

Thank you and best regards, Max