Habpanel Sonos Widgets

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Thank you for an inspiring widget. I’ve made some changes to the widget so that it fits better to my needs. I added the changed version to my OpenHAB modified widgets GitHub project.

Hopefully some of you finds my changes useful.

Brilliant! Any chance you could briefly describe the changes you made?


Fraser Gillies

The changes are listed in README.md in the widget folder in GitHub: https://github.com/jannekalliola/openhab-widgets/tree/master/sonoscontrolwithart

  • Changed the widget to use URL instead of image. My suspicion is that OpenHAB leaks memory with Image items.
  • Changed the layout to use absolute position so that the texts and buttons are on top of the image. Added translucent background to the areas to make the text more readable.
  • Added an option to turn off displaying the artist. My Sonos adds the artist name to the title, so this is just extra.
  • Added some checks to reduce errorenous image displays.
  • Provided two rules (file widget/sonos.rules ) to increase and decrease volume. These can be used instead of chill and loud volume rules provided by Scootaash.

Further, you can see the changes line by line at https://github.com/jannekalliola/openhab-widgets/commit/8641dd07370a4797f749446b18677e3107eb3edc

Do note that I’ve split the widget into three files. The originals from you were at the base and then I’ve made my changes that are highlighted on the diff linked above.

Thank you. Sorry, not good enough at programming to know how to use Github!

Those changes sounds like a great progression!