HABpanel Switches Don't Show State When First Loaded

Hi everyone!

I’m having an issue with the HABpanel and been unsuccessful in finding a thread related to this. Disclaimer… I’m only a few weeks into openHAB so may not know exactly how to search for the problem I’m having.

I’m having an issue where when I first load up my HABpanel my light switches do not automatically show their current state. Additionally, they do not update their state based on an action that occurs outside the openHAB system. For example, if I turn the lights off via HomePod they updated state will not reflect in my panel.

Attached is an example of a few of my lights showing a blank state on initial load of the panel.

Appreciate if anyone can point me down the right path!

after start oH?
I think it’s not a HABPlanel-problem, but the item-inital-state.
Initialize in a SystemStarted-rule or use RestoreOnStartup-persistence, if you wnat to change.