HABPanel unresponsive on android tablet after wakeup

Hi all,

After upgrading my wall mount tablet from samsung galaxy tab e 9.6 (android 4.4) to lenovo tab m10 (android 10) habpanel interface started to have big issue. The issue is that after waking up the tablet from long sleep the interface i totally unresponsive - totally hanged. The tablet works normally after sleep just the habpanel website that was displayed before sleep is unresponsive. I use chrome to display habpanel but I tried multiple web browsers and all behave the same. If I keep the tablet awake all the time there is no problem, only after sleep.

So to debug the issue I connected the tablet to my PC with adb and used chrome devtools to debug it. First thing is that I get in the console a lot of logs like “Updating control_center_plug1_power state from bla bla” - frequency is like one log per second (I guess that those logs are for every update of an item in my system). But when tablet goes sleep those logs are stopped after a while. On wakeup I see those logs starting to flood console (much faster than normally in awake state) and only this flood is stopped the habpanel is again responsive.

So for me it is like the android is blocking somehow the communication between openhab and habpanel frontend in sleep mode and on wakeup all buffered packets are pushed to the frontend at once making frontend unresponsive for a while.

Any ideas what can I do with that ?